Digital Marketing Strategy for E-Commerce

Digital Marketing Strategy for E-Commerce

You have an amazing e-commerce website with outstanding products on it. 
Wait, still not getting any orders after many days pass by or getting orders from your family members or friends only. 

So today we will be breaking down an awesome marketing strategy that will drive traffic to your new e-commerce website and convert it into sales. 

Focus on a niche or segment

You don’t have to get into the e-commerce website that sells everything otherwise you will be crushed. Be an expert it's too hard to be an e-commerce website that sells everything reason for this is that big companies will outdate you on pricing you will not be an expert on everything so you don’t have an advantage on it and they will provide free & faster shipping. 

So, when you pick up the niche you can be an expert on that niche and provide the best product in that niche and provide the best product that niche, people will know that even if your product is a bit more expensive you can still do well and generate sales.

Create a killing Unique selling proposition

Why should people buy from you?
You should have a killing USP (unique Selling Proposition) so that more people can be attracted and you can drive more sales.
So, specialize and be all about that USP to be all about that specialty.

Create a fantastic user experience

When we talk about user experience, Shopify is the best example. 
If you are in an eCommerce business you should use Shopify. Their website designs, templates, workflow are amazing. 

Even though, Shopify is amazing you should make sure when you deliver your product it should great user experience. The design of the box should be amazing, the design of your product, the way you make people feel. This will drive more sales.

Pick one ad source

So you want to do SEO, it's great but it takes time. SEO is a long game.
If you want to do ads you can do google ads, amazon product ads, Facebook lookalike audiences, pick one ad source. For an eCommerce business, Facebook ads are the best. Later you can use google product ads and drive more sales.

Maximize value per visitor

 So, do you have upsells or down-sells all that is profitable is going to generate more sales?
 It makes your ads more profitable or your SEO more profitable.

You can even use Hellobar as it will help you to collect emails from your e-commerce website that you can use to remarket or market new products or special deals.

You can do the same with push-on notifications, you can use push through the noise. To get your visitors back to your website and generate sales.

Maximize your average order value

So till now, we talked about checkout bumps now another main factor is free shipping. Look at the example below which one will you prefer.

Most people go for free shipping.

You can use this method and convert visitors into customers.

Use technology to make your e-commerce work better

There are so many tools out there that can make your work so easy if you are using Shopify you can add plugins to your website that can automate your maximum work.

Some plugins can do cross-sells or one-time offers or promotion offers, whatever e-commerce platform are you using some tools can make your work easy. 

These tools can help you out in increasing traffic, communicate with your visitors and convert these visitors into customers.