Low Budget Digital Marketing Strategy for Coaching Classes

There are lots of businesses in this world and every business needs marketing and with the help of the correct digital marketing strategy, you can grow your business easily and take it to a much higher level and increase your revenue. 

As the nature of business is different same digital marketing strategy will not work with every business.

Today we will be looking at the low budget Digital Marketing Strategy for Local Coaching Classes:
We are talking about local coaching classes or you can say local tuition classes where the number of students is low.

As the nature of business is local, we will not be focusing more on paid ads but will go organically.

Let’s talk about the Strategy:

1. Google My Business
2. Facebook
3. Websites
4. Instagram
5. Content/ Videos
6. Paid ads

Google My Business

The nature of Google My Business is to promote your business locally.

Let’s Understand it with an example: 
Suppose you have your coaching classes will students come to you from 100 Km.
No, they will visit you within a radius of 0-15 Km.  On average 10 km radius is the best. It also depends on your services, your facility, etc. 

First, you have to visit Google My business. 
Create your Account.
Upload content like photos, videos.
Fill all the required fields 
Facility and courses offered information.

After your account is successfully set up now you have to optimize it regularly and do the SEO regularly, as you know that Google shows up in the top 3 businesses. As these businesses are mostly searched locally the competition is very low. 

As we go on google and search coaching classes for class 10th you will see that the first suggestion is coaching classes for class 10th near me.  

If you have ranked your website, he has to visit your website after that he will find your address and your contact details.

But in the case of Google My Business, everything will be on the first-page search results. Address, Contact details, website, and directions. Which becomes much easier for the customer to find the coaching classes.


In the 2nd position, we have Facebook, as the reach of Facebook is vast.

You can create a Facebook page and encourage others to like your page which will help you in expanding your reach and even help you to grow your business as more and more people get to know you.

Another way is to create Facebook groups, After you have successfully set up your page and group now you have regularly post quality content and solve the problems that others are facing. Posting the answers to questions and regularly optimize your page and groups.

 With Facebook, you have a great audience reach as almost every student is on Facebook and even their parents are on Facebook. So now you can target parents as the main decision-making power is in the parent's hands and you have to create the content targeting parents. So that you can influence them.


You cannot ignore this step.

You don’t need a very big or powerful website; you just need a simple website.
You can hire someone who can create a simple website for you or create it by yourself if you have some web development knowledge or even create it by watching online tutorials.

Basically,  you need an URL to show up as it looks much more appealing and impressive.

You can use it as a link or as a landing page to collect the leads as if you have visitors to your website you need their details so that you can follow up.

As you have created the content on Facebook and Google My Business, now people will click on the link that you have provided in the description. 

Now the audience will land on the landing page that you have created 0on your website and collect all the information such as name, contact number, address, etc.

One page website is enough where you can talk about the services and collect the contact details. The biggest advantage of the one-page website is that it loads very fast. 


Almost everyone is using Instagram today, You can post photos and videos of your coaching classes, facility, students, testimonials, and other problem-solving content in the form of photos or videos. Post the Instagram-oriented content consistently.


 This is one of the most important factors. As coaching classes come under the service industry, and in-service industry, the main factor is content, as in the product industry, you can showcase your product specifications. You have to showcase your content related to your services.

Paid Ads

At last, if you want you can go for paid ads search engine marketing (i.e Google Adwords) is not recommended here as your audience is local here you can focus on Social Media Marketing (i.e Facebook ads) as you have much more options to target the local audience in the particular radius.