Digital Marketing Strategy of Coffee Shops


Coffee Shop – Small Scale Business (We are not talking in the form of financial terms)

Coffee Shops are generally operated locally. So today, we will be talking about:

How to do the Digital Marketing of Coffee Shops? 

Digital Marketing Strategy

We have mentioned the most important 5 points for Coffee Shops below:

 Optimize your Google Maps listing

Optimize your Google Maps listing

Once you have created your account on Google Maps, the next step is to optimize your account regularly. You can optimize your account by regularly posting photos and videos. You cannot ignore it. You have to understand the nature of the coffee shops it generally operates within a radius of 5-8 Km.

One Keyword is very popular in this niche i.e., Coffee shop near me. 

When Someone searches for this, what google will do will automatically show the results of Google My Business in front of you.

You have to optimize your content on Google Map listing and check for the following things:

·        Pinpoint on the Google Maps

·        Address of your Coffee Shop

·        Contact details

·        Locations


Visual Branding/ Social Media Theme

The nature of the coffee shop business is visual-oriented.

The photos and videos are the most important thing in this.

You have to regularly post on the most popular social media apps.


Social Media Contests

You can organize an event on social media, Facebook provides a very big section of events. If you are organizing even a small contest you can create an event as more and more people will engage it will create brand awareness.

Here paid ads such as google ads is zero percent but you can use social media ads to target the local audience and engage with an audience.


Audience Engagement

Here audience engagement means, that if you got a review reply instantly. If you got a positive review, you can still take your time but if you got a negative review, you have to reply as soon as possible and solve the problem.

If got some questions reply to them timely, post the content regularly it will increase the engagement with the audience.


Social Media Advertising

As we have already mentioned that there is no need to go for google ads or Search Engine marketing as nobody buys the coffee shops online.

Understand the difference: Buy mobile online, buy a laptop online, buy shoes online, etc. are some popular keywords and on the other hand if we say Buy Coffee online is not a keyword.

Here the main goal is to popularize Coffee shops and not the sales. Once our coffee shops get popular they will automatically generate sales.

 It is not the product that you can sell once than sell other product. Till the time there is no popularity, people don’t know about your coffee shop till that time nobody will come to you.

The best way is by doing social media marketing.

The first target in Social Media Marketing will be Instagram and the second target will be Facebook. You can go with this social media advertising if you want to grow your coffee shop on a good level.

You can hire influencers and food bloggers to reach a wide range of audiences.