Digital Marketing Strategy of Health care Industry

Digital Marketing Strategy

Health Care Industry – Hospitals, Doctors, Clinics all comes under Health Care Industry.

Doing Digital Marketing for the health care industry is difficult to work we will understand it briefly. We will learn how we can make a powerful digital marketing strategy for doing the digital marketing of health care industry.


 Why we find it difficult to do Digital Marketing for Health Care Industry?

Digital Marketing is basically an approach to selling something and talking about the hospitals, doctors, and clinics. The type of service/care-related services they are providing is not something like selling some product and the service is very sensitive.

Digital marketing is very related to selling some product or service as the end goal in digital marketing is selling some product or service.

In the Health care Industry selling the service is very difficult.


The strategy of Health care Business

The goal should be to provide the best quality care, and indeed is the most important part.

Don’t treat it as the business, instead be the best service provider.

·        Articles, Animated figures - Create content to educate
·        Visual Content to educate – much information as they can find as quickly as possible
·        Create your website in such a way that it can be real-time useful for the patients like – Appointment Booking etc. (A patient-centric Website)
·        Multi-Channel initiatives &Customer touchpoints
·        Location-Based SEO
·        Work on helping intent keywords + Right KeywordsStrategy
·        Patient Reviews
·        Personalized Email Marketing


Articles, Animated figures - Create content to educate

The first thing is to provide the knowledge, educated them with the help of articles and animated figures. Content should provide value and knowledge to the customer. Suppose if a patient is finding a cure to a problem, then first tell him/her:

 The symptoms of that disease.

What research is going on that particular disease?

What is the general cure of that particular disease?

Does he require hospital or taking some caretaking will help him out?

You have to write some informative articles related to this and share them. Direct Selling is not possible here.


Visual Content to educate – much information as they can find as quickly as possible

Nobody wants to search particular thing for a long time, and once they find it they don’t want to read about it. You have to deliver your content as soon as possible in the form of video content as in video form you can deliver your content in 2-3 mins.

You can satisfy your customer so that he can approach you in second step.


Create your website in such a way that it can be real-time useful for the patients like – Appointment Booking etc. (A patient-centric Website)

As we have discussed above that we are not selling anything here.

You have to work keeping patient-centric.

You have to deliver what the patient wants such as information, facilities, etc. Only after then marketing aspect will start.

First, you have to create a patient-centric website, provides all the user's information and facilities. So that patients can easily get the appointments, details of the doctor's name, and contact info.  


Multi-Channel initiatives &Customer touchpoints

This is the combination of the first three points. This is a multi-channel initiative as you have to focus on different things such as social channels, blogs, websites, etc.

You have to work on all the channels as working on one channel will not work.

If you think that you will put an ad and then this thing will work for you. No, it’s not right. Working only with ads will not be working.

Content is the real king in the health industry. You will observe that the content strategy of the health care industry is totally different from other industries.


Location-Based SEO

You have to focus on local-based SEO. as hospitals and clinics operate in geographical areas.

So that there is the brand awareness of your hospital among people.


Work on helping intent keywords + Right Keywords Strategy

This keyword strategy is totally different. For example: Cancer treatment hospitals in Delhi, Cancer treatment in Delhi, etc. These keywords are different. You have to work on helping keywords such How can we find the right cure for cancer?

Your first approach should be that you are ready to solve the problem of the patient. Then only you can do the real marketing.


Patient Reviews

Reviews are very important for every industry. Here patient reviews are very important.


Personalized Email Marketing

Every patient has their own different problem.

You have to tackle it with a personalized email. You cannot make a common email for all as the problems are different email will be different according to the problem and the solution will be different.

That’s why personalized email is so important.

60% of the marketing in the Health care industry is through its content.