Digital Marketing Strategy For Schools

Before starting the Digital Marketing for Schools some of the points should be clear to you:
Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Fundamentals of SEO 
Basic Web Design (Landing Pages)

Digital Marketing for Schools

As if you are an expert in one field you can make the strategy for that,
For example, You are an expert in Facebook ads then you can make a strategy for Facebook.

But what about other things here we need an overall strategy. 
That's why you should have a basic knowledge of all the things.

Here we are talking about strategy (Overall Digital Marketing). You have to think in 360-degree directions.

Nature of Business 

The nature of the schools is local, as the local students come to the schools. The business orientation is local. The students within a radius of 5-10 Km will come to your school.

Let's start and see that how can we use our digital marketing knowledge to promote Schools.

Understand the parent's Decision Making Process

1. You have to find the information that will trigger/ excite parents for choosing your school. It can be the USPs (Unique Selling Points).

2. Which sources are they using to find about the schools?
It can be newspapers, social media, etc.

3. How much time parents take to make a decision?
For example, parents take an average of 20 days to make a decision. 
So, what we will do with this information?
We will use this information in retargeting.

4. What was the first impression of the schools/ preferences?
The ideal points of the schools.

From the above points, you will get a lot of content that you now have to understand how you will use it and where you will use it. You will get a lot of answers to the above questions, now you have to prepare content out of it that we will use later. 

Before doing marketing for anything you should have content. Content can be in the form of blogpost, e-book, Whitepaper, Video, Case study, etc.

Once your content is ready you have to do the inbound marketing.

Focus on the Keywords

For developing the complete SEO strategy you have to keep the local aspect in your mind.
The most common mistake that people do here is that they focus on irrelevant keywords.
For example, CBSE Best School. We don't have to focus on such keywords as the nature of the business is local. The best keywords can be the Best CBSE school in Delhi. 
Do the right thing at right time.
(Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads)

Let's Understand it with an example: Generally, admissions start in Feb, and you start pushing your content in July or August will it help? No, definitely not.

You have to do the proper research and check the old records that will work. You have to understand the Ecosystem of schools.

This something different from google ads and social media marketing.

 For example, we bring traffic to our website with the help of Google ads or Facebook ads, after that, we should have some marketing automation, such as email marketing. 

Marketing automation is basically lead nurturing. 

Power of PPC 

PPC campaign is very powerful for school marketing but is true time-sensitive content. 
For example, school admissions will be in Feb/Mar and you started promoting in July/August.

It is easy to measure ROI in a PPC campaign as you know how much money you have spent and the conversion rate. 

PPC supports = Content Marketing + SEO

Utilize your landing page to make your admission form to be filled.
 As the nature of the business is local we cannot ignore Google my business and the social media presence. We have to use some of the following things here:

  • Virtual tours
  • 360 Images & Videos
  • Online Reputations/ Reviews & Ratings
  • Local Address - Contact details (Latest)
  • Open / Close Hours
Reality is more than just text, Facebook/ Insta Live, etc.