Digital Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Business

Real Estate – Large Scale business, Lots of opportunity and no budget problem from the client end.

Digital Marketing Strategy

If you have any client who belongs to the real estate industry which strategy you are going to formulate or if you are going to send a proposal to the client belonging to this particular industry what strategy will you use?

Let’s discuss some of the most important points for formulating the digital marketing strategy for Real Estate business:

Create a Target Buyer Persona

Develop an E-mail Campaign

Go for a user-friendly professional website

Pay Per Click Advertising

Create and Post Valuable Blog content

Host Virtual Tours

opt for Classified ads

Get Active on LinkedIn

Register Your Business on Property Websites

WhatsApp for Business


Create a Target Buyer Persona

Every time we say that audience selection is very important but from the Real Estate Industry point of view, we have to create a target buyer persona that means we have to find the people who really want to buy.

As it is not something that if you increase the need then people will buy it.

For example, you are running Facebook ads and showing the same property ads again and again in front of customers then do you think people will buy them. No, they don’t as they might not have any interest in buying.

You may lose lacks of money in advertisements and will not get anything. First, you have to identify your target buyer persona. You have to keep the following points in mind:

The age of the person should be around 30-50 years as below 30 years in maximum cases people don’t have the decision-making authority.

From where these people belong.

You have to identify the demographics.

If you have done this point your 30-40% work has already been done. When you have got the right people, you can show ads to them and retarget them.


Develop an E-mail campaign

This one of the most important points. As email marketing is very effective in the Real Estate business.

One more thing which is most effective in the real estate business is SMS marketing. You can target your leads through email marketing and SMS marketing.

Develop an effective email campaign and implement it.


Go for a user-friendly professional website

The website should be very professional which means all the data should be in a well-organized manner and it should be user-friendly easy to use and should be compatible on all the devices such as desktops, phones, laptops, etc.

As you are working online your presence is your website so you cannot ignore this step your website should be well organized and in a systematic order, as you know if someone is buying your Rs 50 lakhs the plot he/she will look at your standards. And your standard is your website in this scenario.


Pay Per Click Advertising

This works best with the real estate business in this go for search ads in google ads. Cost per lead is very less and cost per conversion is also very low.

Let’s suppose the scenario that someone clicked on your ad. And the cost per click is Rs 500. Then a customer comes to your website submit a lead form and then exit. When you approach that customer and he converts. You invested Rs 500 and got the business of Rs 50 lakh.

There are no restrictions in the search ads you can put as much as you want. Collect leads and convert them.

Keep the first point in your mind otherwise, you will keep investing your money and you will not make anything out of it.


Create and Post Valuable Blog content

The blogs in the real estate business are emotional. You may have seen ads that are emotionally intended and connected with the family.

These ads and blogs tell that buying a house is very important and then they will mix an emotional factor to it, so the people get connected to it.

Blog writing is one of the most important factors in Real Estate business.


Host Virtual Tours

Let’s suppose a situation in which a person is living 40-50Km away from your property. It is not feasible for him to come to your complex and visit your apartment. So in that scenario what you can do is create virtual tours for them and make it easier for yourself and for them as well. As it will save time.

Use the latest technologies as the return on investment is very high in this real estate business.

Let’s suppose another scenario. There is an NRI in the USA and he wants to come back to INDIA and buy a new house for himself. It is not feasible for him to visit every property in India so in that case, you can show the different properties with the help of virtual tours showing him the full property, parking, park, etc.


Opt for Classified ads

The opportunities for classified ads are always open you can post your ads on classified sites. There are thousands of classified sites where you can post your ads.


Get Active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional platform. People on LinkedIn shares the serious content.

Whenever someone shares a post on LinkedIn it is taken very seriously and buying a house is a very serious matter.

Make a good profile on LinkedIn.

Share relevant content.

Avoid Spamming.

Share knowledge related to the field.

Don’t do direct marketing, first build the relations.


Register Your Business on Property Websites

There are many property websites where you can register your business. Keep your profile well optimized. If you are getting a response here, do the review in a well-organized manner.

Give good feedback and answer the questions they are asking here.


WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp for Business is another important factor as communication is important in the real estate business. As you will get queries on this you can give quick replies on WhatsApp business.

It represents you as a professional person in the Real Estate business.