Digital Marketing Strategy for Hotel industry & Travel Industry

Suppose you are doing Digital Marketing for the Hotel industry or for the Travel industry. What should be the basic steps that you should take to initiate a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Situation Analysis

Situation Analysis means what the current situation of that particular hotel is, or specific travel agency is: i.e.,

What is the case with social media accounts?
What is the budget of that client?
What is the structure of the website?

We cannot focus on some particular thing. We have to look at all the aspects such as SEO, digital marketing, Facebook ads, etc. This is the strategy we have to look on at in all directions.

So when we do the situation analysis, you will find that what is the current status of that particular hotel, 
Is that website according to the norms of that industry? Here norms mean basic things such as photos & videos of the hotel, testimonials of the clients, booking section, accurate description of the rooms and facilities, landing page, etc. These all things come under situation analysis. 

There are different dimensions in a situation in the situation analysis. For reviewing the Facebook page, there will be a social media expert. There will be an SEO expert for checking the website,  and for reviewing the client's budget, there will be a Team leader who will discuss it with the client.

The most important for the hotel industry is that how much inventory (Rooms) does that hotel has.
If the hotel has an inventory of 100 rooms and currently how many rooms they are currently occupying.  This is one of the most important things. Note it down if you are doing digital marketing for the hotel industry. 

This will only give you the idea of further growth.

Otherwise, the client will say that we have not got any leads, we have not got any bookings.
For that, you have to find that gap. Now you know that the total number of rooms is 100 and currently they are occupying 50-55 spaces.
Now it is clear that your target is 45 rooms. According to this, you can create a budget, change website settings, make a Facebook strategy, and other things. 

This is the time taking process. It can take up to 20-30 days to do a proper analysis. Don't be in a hurry. Take your time as a promising strategy takes time.

If the strategy is not good, it doesn't matter how much effort you give it all to mess up. 
Then, the client will put on his budget, and the service charge will be paid to you after 2-3 months. When a client does not see the results, then he will cut off from you.


Once the situation is clear, then the client will tell that what is the main goal whether he wants leads on his landing page as he has the team that will convert those clients into potential customers or he won't like the leads right now but wants to increase the brand awareness.


The marketing strategy for both generating leads and increasing brand awareness will be totally different.


If we are focusing on lead generation, we will be moving on to paid ads. Research the keywords and, with the help of paid ads, generate the leads for the business.


On the other hand, if we want to increase the brand's awareness, we will be focusing on content creation and promotion. We have to focus on all the aspects of content marketing, whether it is about creating photos, videos, gifs, etc.


Now when your objectives are clear you can move further.


Once the situation analysis is done, and the objectives are cleared now, we can move on to the strategy formulation. Now you will be wondering that we are talking about the strategy formulation only from the beginning.

This Strategy formulation is that how we are going to bifurcate our work. In situation analysis, we have discussed how many dimensions are there in digital marketing that we have to present to the hotel industry. In Objectives, we have a clear goal that we have to stick on till next 1 month. We have to go on different platforms for doing this work. It can be paid ads, Facebook, SEO, etc.


In strategy formulation, we have to make a strategy on how we will be working on paid ads, then Facebook, and so on. Every work will have a different set of techniques.


Hotel Industry and Travel The industry is vast. It is impossible to do everything at once, or it is not possible to do it from 1 platform. We have to use different platforms to work on as the industry is vast and has a considerable scope.


When your strategy is ready, the next step is tactics.


How many photos you will make everyday?

How many videos you will make everyday?

How many posts you will do everyday?

At what time will you post?


And other types of tactics related to the hotel industry will be included in this.


Once all things are set up, the last step is to implement all the steps.

You have to implement all these things together.


These are the basic 5 steps that you have to take in order to successfully do digital marketing for the hotel industry. Other than that, you have to be connected to the owners and the managers of that particular hotel as you don’t have knowledge of that specific industry and don’t know the audience set, being in contact with the owners and mangers will help you a lot.

You will get good clients here as they have patience and they know that it takes time 2-3 months.