What is User Interface Design?

User Interface design(UI) is the process used by the designer to create an interface in software or any desktop device which focuses on its style and looks. The designer creates an interface that makes it easier for a user to understand and use the software without facing any difficulty.

Formats Of UI Designing

There are 3 formats of UI Designing, these are:-

  • Graphic User Interface

A Graphic User Interface is a system of visual components for computer software. A GUI displays objects that convey information and represent actions taken by the user. The object changes size, color, visibility whenever an action is taken by the user.

First of all, let's see how people pronounce it most people pronounce it as (Gee-you-eye) but sometimes it can also be pronounced as Gooey. It includes objects like Cursors, Icons, and buttons. These are sometimes enhanced with sound and some visual effects like transparency, shadow, and drop shadows. These objects help users to operate the software without knowing the command.

Elements of GUI

Button and checkbox- Button as they are named, they sound like on-screen buttons and checkboxes. The main difference between buttons and screen buttons is that the button immediately bounces back to the upstate when they are pressed whereas the checkbox remains selected.

Sliders and progress bar- The slide always consists of the bar and a tick. The size of the tick is adjustable, the size of the bar is, the making to where it can reach to the edge.

 Boxes- Text boxes help the user to put some data that is required there like name, number, or anything else. 

How does GUI work?

GUI requires windows, menus to carry command, opening, deleting, and shifting files, the operating system is to be navigated using a mouse, other than that icon, and a keyboard to use keyboard shortcuts to make work easy.

Advantages of GUI

There are many advantages of GUI and most of the advantages are mentioned below:-

1. It facilitates a seamless user journey

GUI gives a facility to the user to have a seamless journey, In this user will not leave the user hanging. This provides logical steps for the user to take, which helps them achieve their target. It uses the best quality of discipline to shape an interface that helps your business show the forward step and make it easier to use by the audience. 

2. It helps in interacting with clarity and control

The main advantage of GUI is that it provides the facility that allows using its user to interact with the user and it also began engaging rapidly and starts interacting in a meaningful way. 

3. Allows user To use Variants of GUI design  

4. GUI gives the designer the facility to create a shape of design according to the requirements of the audience.

5. GUI capture the attraction and keep it 

6. GUI can create hyper-engaging visual elements to capture the attention of the audience for a long duration of time. 

With the help of visual hierarchy, it can foreground storytelling
The establishment of a clear visual hierarchy helps in guiding and to catch a look of the audience through all the pages which were contained in the page, which create a storytelling mode and a sense of balance and harmony. 

Examples of a GUI Operating System 

Microsoft Windows
Apple System 7 and MAC OS
Linux variants like UBUNTU using GUI interface

Linux today has no GUI Interface.

  • Voice Controlled Interface

As the name suggests, it is also an interface but the difference is it is controlled by the user's voice. Few examples of the voice-controlled interface are Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant are such examples. The main Advantage of the voice-controlled interface is that it can be controlled hands-free, eye-freeway in which users can use it without seeing. 

Types of Interface are as follows:-

Smart Speaker
Voice Command Device
Multi-model Voice UI's

Advantages of Voice Interface

Intuitive and Convenient

It requires less cognitive effort from the user as compared to the GUI. Also, it is more convenient as compared to the Graphic interface.

Efficient and Speedy

VUI allows users to command the software without touching it. It has removed the need for tapping buttons on the screen. People feel more comfortable speaking because they have high speed in speaking as compared to typing. Even for expert texters.

More 'human experience and empathy

Consumers seek personality in machine-human interaction in voice form now, what they want is that the machine understands and expresses their thoughts this is called empathy.
On the other hand, they need that machine to speak back in their native language and introduce efficiency, speed, and naturalness and the way that human speaks.

Disadvantages of Voice user Interface

Some users prefer Texting they are not comfortable with a voice interface. A graphical interface must allow the users to type with precision. But the upcoming generation is feeling comfortable with it.

Public Space and Privacy

Sometimes what happens is user sometimes doesn't feel safe while using the voice interface mostly when he is in public he cannot speak freely. This mostly happens during privacy issues. Sometimes voice interface operates so many devices so that it occurs overheating.

Discomfort speaking with a computer
Some people don't feel comfortable while speaking out loud about computers. For them, typing and finger touching is much easier. 

Prefer texting
Some users prefer texting other than narrating to their smartphones that is their normal mode and they don't wish to change their mode to voice typing. 

Few things are made to be kept secret and in this case, typing is the best option for example if you're doing some online shopping their website ask for card CVV and password if you speak out loud then, of course, a big problem is going to take place and your bank get clear quite soon. 

  •  Gesture-based Interface

Gesture-based Interface refers to using different gestures like scrolling, tapping, and pinching. It also refers to special gestures like tilting, tipping, eye motion, and shaking. 

Gesture Interface is developing so fast from simple motion to complex day by day and it is becoming a part of life for most people and it can be seen that the future is going to be very exciting. 

In the Gaming area Gesture Interface has already taken place. The best examples of gesture-Interface in gaming are XBOX, XBOX 360, console, etc. They use a Kinect system to track the movement of a player through a camera and sensors. 

The future of the gestural user interface in gaming includes the use of touch screens that wrap around gaming pads for a greater gaming experience. Particularly in 3-D gaming.


In the field of medicines, gesture interface plays a vital role One of the most notable innovations which happened in the medical field is the introduction of UI in surgery. Plans in UI helps surgeons to find the issue happening in the body; it has made their work easy. It has also reduced the surgery time as surgeons won’t be forced to exit the operation theater to access traditional computer terminals. 

The biggest advantage of UI in the Medical field is that it has reduced the risk of spreading infection. The biggest example is in front of us Covid-19. To check the temperature of body technology has played its role like we have seen in the Aarogya Setu application. 

Smartphones and Tablets

Currently, the most common place where gestural UI has taken place are Smartphones and Tablets either it is Apple iPhones or Samsung Galaxy, most gestural UI has taken place in these two brands only. 

The gestural user interface was introduced by Samsung Galaxy S4. The specialty of this phone is that it reads the eye movement while reading and when it reaches the bottom line it scrolls down on its own. 

It is expected that in the future more cameras and sensors are going to be used in the upcoming future with increasing recognition and capabilities. Experts are also saying that in the future Smartphones are going to be so advanced that people can operate them with non-touching gestures by their facial expressions or maybe from their minds. 

Guidelines To create a UI Design

If you want to deliver a good UI design for that you have to keep in mind that your customer is humans and to maintain their comfort ness is your responsibility, in that case, you can follow these guidelines:-

Button and other elements must be predictable so that users can use them unconsciously anywhere. 

Keep the interface simple and easy so that anyone can operate it without facing any difficulty. 

Respecting the user's eyes and attention regarding layout must be like that so that it won't give a strain to the user's eyes and won't affect his health. 

Put control near objects that the user wants to use. 

Keep users informed and updated with feedback. 

Maintain high discoverability clear labels. 

Provide the next step so that the user can deduce naturally. 

Use appropriate UI design patterns to help users to use without any burden. 

Always maintain the consistency of the brand.