Social Media Optimization 

Every brand wants an engagement from the audience and everyone knows where today's audience is most active. Yes, you are right, it's Social Media. Now the question arises how this social media is going to help brands to get a perfect audience in bulk? There are two ways of getting an audience on Social Media one of them is Social Media Optimization {SMO} and other than SMO is Social Media Marketing {SMM}.

Firstly, let's take a look at what is Social Media Optimization?

SMO involves what category of content is going to suit your brand on social media and help you to grow traffic and get success. People think SMO is easier to do but there is a quote "Remote Drums Are Pleasant". It's not that much easy to do as it looks. To do this you have to figure out what content the audience wants to see on their news feeds. You have to check what is trending on what platform you have to check where your brand is going to fit on social media platforms. You can notice that it is quite similar to SEO.

Social Media and Search are connected to each other. A company site ranks when your brand follows Google Algorithms like the performance of a site must be good, use of valid meta tags. Google gets feedback of your brand from social media also if your brand has a good number of followers and has a level of engagement Google gets positive feedback and they rank your website. In short, if your brand is performing well on social media then there is no doubt that your brand is going to perform better in Search.

Now it is well known that to get the traffic you must have a perfect strategy to grow your brand on social media.

Encourage Employees to share

There is a fact that if your brand is going to tell benefits of your company that what kind of services your brand is offering or why your brand is different from other brands who are competing with your company they may not give much attention but if people share advantages of your company with their friends they definitely check if their friends are right about your company and like this you are going to gain your traffic.

That's why it is necessary to encourage employees to share your products on social media.

Choose the right platform for your audience

You have no need to be on every social media site just search where you get an audience to your niche. If your brand is related to any kind of job search your company must be active on sites like indeed, LinkedIn. If your brand is related to fashion or lifestyle then there is no need to be on LinkedIn then your brand must be active on social media like Instagram, Facebook, or the site where you found more youth where people love to post what they wear, where they can show there living of standard, where they can show what is trending in fashion.

Leverage Visual Content

Having visual content helps you get more clicks as compared to the textual ads because the mind catches images and it also looks attractive. It was found in a study that social media images get more clicks, likes, and more engagement.

Have A YouTube Presence

People think that creating a video is a difficult task, yes is but as difficult it looks it is that beneficial and creating a video is not that difficult task you just have to do is you have to explain your product or if you don't want to do this or if you feel shy to come in front of the camera you can give video creation task to any famous YouTuber to promote your product on your channel. After Google social media which is taken as a search engine is a google product only known as YouTube the biggest video platform. When someone searches for any kind of keyword used in your video, google suggests some videos and there is a chance that it will show up your video in suggestion, and it may also help the customer to understand the product by watching the video other than reading boring articles.

Using A Hashtag but Don't Overuse It
A hashtag is a useful tool of social media it can help increase the discoverability of your post and can help to gain more followers, likes and engagement. Using excessive hashtag may give negative feedback it may decrease your engagement rate. So how much hashtag can you use, what is the limit? So the answer for this is that the limit of hashtags depends on the platform. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter 2-3 hashtags are enough and on Instagram, you can use 10 hashtags for better results.

5 Steps To Social Media Optimization

Analyze Your Audience

As mentioned above you have to use the right platform where you think you get much audience for that what you can do is you can use a free analytic tool there it is named as insight there you can check on different social media from where you are getting a good amount of traffic directly to your website.

Competitive Analytics

To check how your brand is doing against the competing brands on social media you can use Content Exploration Tool by putting the competition brand account you can see how they are performing. which article is getting higher engagement.

Build A Strategy Based on Finding

For a better social media account, you have to create a perfect strategy for a brand you can follow the steps which are mentioned below:

Set Social Marketing Objective
Research Your Competitors on the Same Platform
Search Audience
Audit Social Media Success
Set up Social Media Calendar
Plan Content Promotion and Distribution
Monitor Social Media Impact

Execute On That Strategy

Execution is a very important part of the strategy. It is done by the team and content marketers and SEO experts have to work perfectly with social media managers and community managers to make the plan successful.

Analyze Result And Adjust

Once the execution of strategy is completed you just have to do the last step now check the execution if you found anything that needs to change, change it in the initial stage, and now your work is done now just enjoy the journey of success and keep your social media updated.