What is Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing? 

Pay Per Click is one of the best marketing channels of Digital marketing to promote Business. In this Marketers pay advertisers for getting clicks on their advertisements from the online users. This type of marketing is mostly seen on Search result pages of search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc. Advertisers have a choice of placing an advertisement in such a way that it will directly hit the targeted audience with a specific behavior or keyword. 

What do PPC ads look like? 

Text Ads

Text Ads is a written composition done by the advertisers. They are mostly triggered by the Search networks when users search for any keyword used in the blog and search for those ads are selected later on this page. 

Display Ads

Display ads are formatted in a pictorial or motion graphic design. PPC platforms that are offering display advertisements often have size and content requirements; advertisers always have to comply while creating their visual creativity. 
Display ads are mostly available on websites across the Internet to gain the attention of the internet user. 

Shopping Ads

A shopping ad will only appear when searchers do some search either of the product of which advertisement is posted or the product of the same category on shopping sites or on the search engines. 

Major PPC Platforms

PPC offers many different platforms to post ads on and some of them are listed below:-

Google Ads

Google ads are Google's primary PPC platform of advertising. Google as it helps other users it also helps advertisers to promote their PPC on their search engine on websites in form of text, pictures, or videos on its display network. Advertising on YouTube is organized by the parent company google ads platform. 

Microsoft Advertising 

Microsoft Advertising or also known as Bing advertising is a Microsoft PPC advertising platform. The platform allows advertisers to post their PPC ads on their search engine called Bing and with search partner sites including yahoo. 

Amazon Advertising 

Amazon advertising is a fast emerging PPC platform for retailers. It empowers advertisers to create display ads shopping ads that promote their products on the Amazon shopping network. 

Advantages of PPC Marketing

Few advantages of PPC marketing are as follows:


Analytic data is available 24*7 immediately, so advertisers have an opportunity to make quick adjustment changes to improve the chances of a successful campaign. 


In PPC marketing creating a highly targeted audience to view your ads is straightforward. Especially on shopping and search networks. 


With effective tracking, advertisers can see the ROI of the ads which they created. 


This is the fastest marketing technique to create a huge amount of traffic. 

Potential Pitfalls for PPC Marketing

Advertisers must be aware of pitfalls that happen in PPC marketing:


To stand on the top in the competition you have to spend money expensively. Some ads may cost up to $100 per click. 


If users are not searching for the product or service the company is providing then there will be no volume of traffic generated. 


Without the knowledge of the platform if the advertiser is putting money on a lot of ads it will be a complete waste.