What is Content Marketing? | Digital Marketing

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Content Marketing can be understood as the collateral of digital marketing to promote the brand and increase the goals of awareness, by improving website ranking on Search engines and generating consumer interest in their product. Businesses use content marketing for generating leads so that they can sell their product and gain maximum profit by analyzing the progress report. 

Importance of Content Marketing

 Content marketing is an important part of digital marketing because it helps people to understand the nature of products and helps to understand how products can become useful for them. It helps in solving all the doubts which come into the consumer's mind. 

How does SEO fit in?

If we give a deep look we will come to know practically both are the same thing. To rank high on the result engine search page you need to write high-quality organic content for that. And to know which keywords help your content to showcase high on the result page you need SEO. 

SEO can be taken as the centerpiece of any strategy or campaign. It allows you to upgrade your messaging and outrank the competitors and helps your web page always to be in the preference of google site map preferences. To get a better result you need to use high SEO tactics. 

Factors that help in Ranking

Every ranking factor are stronger than the others so it is difficult to measure which factor contains how much weight but what we can do is we can provide you the top factors which are going to help you during SEO, so these factors are as follows:-

  1. Links

  2. Content

  3. Rankbrain

  4. Direct and indirect web traffic

  5. Mobile responsive design

  6. HTTPS

  7. Anchor text keywords 

  8. User behavior signals

Seo and content are interdependent; you can't do content without SEO and can't do SEO without content. They both are inseparable. 

Benefits of Content Marketing 

There is an infinity of benefits of content marketing and a few are given below:

  1. Faster Sales

  2. Low Barrier to market entry

  3. Stronger lead generation and qualification 

  4. More Traffic

  5. Thought Leadership

  6. Reputation Management

  7. Email list building

  8. Higher search engines rankings

  9. Mind Share

  10. Cheaper Conversations


In content marketing, there are two types of marketing 1st one is between Business and customers and 2nd one is Business to Business. 

B2B Marketing

 This type of marketing content makes greater links through some professional media like LinkedIn, long-form collateral, account-based strategy, and niche audience development. This may take years to get sales. 

B2C Marketing 

It is dependent on consumer-centric social media platforms, e-commerce websites. This sales cycle is shorter and sales user expectations are high. 

Content Marketing related to Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is an old form of marketing now also it is working in today's time because still many people are not digitally active in that case companies use the traditional way of marketing in the form of:-

  1. Print Advertising

  2. Direct mail

  3. Telemarketing

  4. Radio and TV

  5. Outdoor Sales

Examples of Content Marketing

1. Blog Post

Blog Posts help in creating a strong base for your efforts in content marketing. Here you can discuss popular industry subjects, position yourself as a thought leader here you can express how much you know about your product, can explain to costumer how your product is going to be beneficial for them. 

Once your blog is complete you can convert it into social media post or eBooks or anything else,

2. Case Studies

Case Studies are real-life incidents based on customers' experience. Your product aviated that challenge it makes a great Impact on customers' minds by seeing the reviews of recent customers.

3. Infographics

People love reading infographics as they feel fun while reading it and it is full of information. When your content has infographics it became a smart idea to engage the audience.

4. Explainer Videos

Few doubts cannot be clear by reading they can be easily understood by watching a video. For example, whenever a student feels doubt he asks the teacher when he is that school but when he is at home he simply goes to YouTube and watches a video in which everything is fully explained so whenever a customer feels any doubt or somewhere get any doubt he may search for a video in which everything is explained so that company must have explanatory which clears all their doubt.

5. Testimonials

Testimonials help in providing a potential to the customer on what they are going to experience when they use their product. 

6. Webinars

The webinar is an online seminar conducted by the host for the audience it could be live or recorded or maybe a combination of both. The main objective of conducting a webinar by the company is to engage with the public with direct interaction and inform them what you are going to introduce next. 

7. User-Generated Content

As the name suggests a content that is generated outside the organization by people will engage real people. This is a unique, creative, and cost-effective idea.