What is Branding? Identity of graphic designing

Brand identity is the showcasing elements of a brand such as logos, color, design which helps to identify the brand and makes an image in the consumer's mind. It is different from brand image. Brand identity is how the designer wants to make a personality of a product, brand, or company in front of a consumer. Whereas, brand image is the perception of the brand by the consumer. 

Know Your Brand

If you want to create a brand identity before creating a brand identity you must need to know how your brand is made up of these elements:

The mission of your brand? 
What is the value of your brand? 
What is the personality of your brand? 
How is your brand different from competitors? 
How would your brand communicate? 

Developing Brand Design

Before you start creating your brand's designs, you need to have the basics of design structure the blocks of your brand identity building. The building block of designing includes:-


Typography refers to the fonts you are going to choose for your brand fonts and for logo fonts. There are four types of logo fonts:-

Serif fonts or we can say (Times New Roman or Garamond) it looks like an anchor on the top and for some people, it looks like feet in the lower. This looks so classic that it can make your brand traditional, trustworthy and just a little old school. 

Sans Serif
Sans Serif looks similar to the Serif but it has no foot no anchor. Sans Serif like (franklin gothic or Helvetica) these kinds of fonts have smooth edges and have a lack of anchor. It is sleeker to the brand and gives a modern feel. 

Script Typography
This type of typography emulates cursive writing as primary school has taught us. You can use this type of typography to give a feminine or luxurious look to your brand. 

Display Fonts
In this kind of typography, each font has different specialized elements whether it's an unusual border, shape, shadowing or has a more hand-drawn edge. This type of typography is mostly used to highlight a bold statement. 

Color palette 

Using a branding color and font color can bring a strong and serious impact to your brand design and helps determine how much your brand is perceived by the targeted audience. Here is how the color of the rainbow can bring a change in your brand design:-

Red is seen as a color of passion and enthusiasm Red is an effective color when your brand is exciting, loud and youthful. 

Orange is another energetic color that reflects sunshine and shows gratitude for happiness. It appears good if your product wants to show friendly nature and playfulness. 

Yellow is another color of happiness that gives cheerful vibes it is a good combination if your brand gives fun, accessible and affordability. 

Green is a symbol of money and nature so if your product is connected with any of nature then it will be the perfect color for your brand. 

Blue can help your brand to be seen as stable and trustworthy. 

Purple shows the royal look so if you have a luxurious brand then you can go with this color. 

Pink shows femininity and gains more attention from women. So if your product is made for women then you can choose pink. 

The least used color in branding is brown but don't take its effectiveness so lightly brown can be the least used color but if your product is different it could be a perfect match for your product and it can also help your brand to be viewed as a masculine and rugged. 

If you want your product design to look modern and sophisticated there is nothing much classy other than this color. 


To be an effective design shape plays an important role. A different form of shape can bring a different value to your brand's identity:

Round Shape
Brands that are incorporated with love, unity and community for those companies round-shaped logo are the best options. 
Round Shape is all about the warm and fuzees. 

Straight Edged Shapes
Straight edged shapes include Squares, Rectangles and Triangles that help people think of efficiency and strength. It creates a feeling of creativity and trustworthiness. But in this case, you must need to be careful. 

Straight Lines
It gives another implication that horizontal lines suggest masculinity and strength whereas vertical lines give an idea of tranquility and mellow vibes. 

And with this the concept of designing buildings is complete and you can go to the next step: how to create a brand identity? To understand this you have to understand the common elements of brand identity which includes:


The best logo always have these things:-
  • Clearly communicate a message
  • Simple. Clean and Uncluttered
  • Always in a classic form. Not go out of style for 6 months of duration. 
  • Play along with your industry's standards. 


Websites are one of the most important representative parts of designing. Especially when you are running a digital product or a business, your customers definitely go to your website to know more about your company before doing any business with your brand. 

Product Packaging 

If you are offering your product in a physical form then its packaging must be in an attractive form so that the audience will get attracted towards it. Always try to make awesome designs that will make another want from the customer because they believe in show off as much they show off your product more you get targeted audience. 

Business Cards

A well-designed card always offers a chance to create a positive personality of your brand in the client's mind. Your business card must be simple with a logo on half of the card and on the other half, there must be your key personal information. 

Email Design

Email is suggested as the best way of engaging customers and driving a perfect business. To grow your business through email you need a perfect strategy. Always keep your email short, simple and as sweet as possible in a formal way. Make it readable and scannable to make it pop. 

Create a Brand Style Guide

After creating brand design assets, always be sure they are in a valid format and for that, you must be aware of a brand style guide.