What is blogging?

Blogging refers to sharing the knowledge in which you are an expert or learning that content in the form of writing, photos, and another form of media online is known as blogging. Blogging means writing a blog, where blog derived from the term weblog which means web log files. Early internet users used to submit their daily progress online in a specific format which became popular with the passage of time and some of the experts saw a good marketing opportunity and blog writing started booming on the internet. In blogging people share their knowledge with other internet users. 

How Blogging Works?

Blogging is a simple website where people require minimal HTML knowledge and share the original content with other internet users. A user can make an account on the websites like WordPress and blogger that simplify the web design and publishing process. 

In blogging usually, there is one person who writes the blog and publishes it by itself. However, there are several bloggers in a company or they hire content writers who write content for them or do the guest blogging.

Types of Blogging

Personal Blogging

In personal blogging, you share your personal information, it can be your lifestyle or daily works that you do. Sharing your day-to-day information with other internet users.

Professional Blogging

In professional blogging, blogs related to the knowledge that you have gained in a particular profession are known as professional blogging. For example, you are a doctor and share the knowledge you are gaining in your field.

Niche Blogging

In Niche blogging, the blogs are written in a specific category. For example, writing a blog on Mobile phones.

Reverse Blogging

In reverse blogging, there are many bloggers or guest bloggers who post on the same topic.

Affiliate Blogging

In affiliate blogging, bloggers post the blogs review or sharing knowledge on a particular product, and earn commission every time they make a sale.

Media Blogging 

In Media blogging, bloggers post videos, photos, and other media files with other internet users.

Business Blogging

In business blogging, knowledge related to your business or the tips or tricks of business is shared with the internet users.

How to start a blog and start earning money in 2021?

Why Blogging is so Popular?

1. It's flexible and portable

You can write a blog from anywhere and anytime you don't have to be available or go somewhere to write and post the blogs, you can even do it from the most comfortable place.

2. Keeps client up to date 

As you post the content often the clients and users are updated with the content. 

3. Helps in Building trust

As you keep sharing the knowledge a strong bond is established with the readers and trust is build with them.

4. Makes Money

Blogging helps you to make money from your home in many ways such as displaying ads on your blog, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, etc.