Tips & tricks of blogging in 2021

1. Set goals for your Blogging business

Setting goals for any business is very necessary as if we are not measuring and keeping the eye on our we start losing interest in it and we stop doing it. 

Goals that we setup should be smart goals, where SMART stands for:

S - Specific

M - Measurable

A - Achievable

R - Relevant

T - Time-Bound

A goal should be clear and defined, it should be measurable you should be able to measure your achievement at any level. You should make sure that you have enough energy, resource, and time to achieve the goal. The goal should be relevant for your purpose. Every goal should have a time limit that you want to achieve within a specific time period.

Goals should be set in such a way that you can easily define what should be done daily, weekly, and monthly. 

2. Build a blog component into your current website.

  • Building a blog component can be a great help to improve the ranking on google.
  • Blogs drive good quality traffic to your website.
  • Another feature of adding a blog to your website is keeping your online presence.
  • Blogs are easily shareable on social media and they will drive traffic to your website. 
  • With the help of blogs, valuable content will be delivered to your customers and trust will be built with customers.

3. Invest user experience & design in your blog.

Investing in UX and designing can be a great help for your blog as:

  • It cuts down development costs.
  • It increases your revenue.
  • Motivates users to interact with the content
  • Increases customer loyalty
  • Stimulates word of mouth
  • By investing in user experience and design you are able to avoid human resources, time, and money.

4. Make a list of topics you feel confident writing about.

Make the lists of the topics you are willing to write off, see the maximum possibilities you can have to write. Making the list of topics can help you in saving time and you can easily achieve your blogging goals.

5. Get ideas from your audience

After writing some blogs we start feeling that the topics are over and feel disappointed, the best way to get never-ending topics is through engaging with the audience on social media and you will get endless queries with the help of which you can get more and more ideas to write on. 

6. Develop and use an editorial calendar for blogging

The most effective way to manage your monthly content is through maintaining an editorial calendar.  You just have to take an editorial calendar write your to-do work according to the date on the calendar and work on it. You don't have to make a list again and again what to post and when to post, give 2-3 hrs. in a month to schedule content.

7. Create blog posts that are 1,500 words or more

We all know that a post with more words has more chances to rank on google but it is difficult to understand that what is the minimum number of words. A blog must have a minimum of 1500 words to rank on google. As if you have more words in your post you can use more keywords in that post.

8. Write “how-to” blog posts, with ordered steps

Remember the last time you visited the internet searching for something, most of the time we search how to...…..? Writing the blog posts starting with how to is the best way to get ranked on the internet. Write a How to blog post with ordered steps that users find easy to read and remain for a longer time on that page.

9. Use images and graphics that you have rights to, or are royalty-free

Never use a copyrighted image in your blog post as it can affect your ranking on google. Always try to make your own graphics you can use royalty-free images through the sites such as:

10. Create a unique image for your social media posts

Create a unique image for your social media accounts as they are the best medium to build trust with customers and share information on the content. Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are the most traffic-driving websites where we all share images.

11. End your blog post with a conclusion and a question

Always end your blog post with a conclusion and a question as more and more people get engaged with your posts. More ideas are being generated through the conversation.

12.Add social sharing buttons to your blog posts

Add social media sharing buttons to your blogs as if your readers find your post useful then they can easily share your posts to their social media profiles.

13. Post one to two blog articles a week

Be consistent with your work post regularly it doesn't mean that you have to post every single day, you can post 1 to 2 posts per week. This will build trust with your content readers and they will be connected to you.

14. Check spelling and grammar on your blog posts

Don't be hurry to publish your posts take some time and then check the spelling and grammar of your posts as it affects the readability of the customers. If the grammar is poor and there are spelling mistakes in the blog users' experience will be bad and they will not come back to your website.

15. Email your blog post to the people that are mentioned

After publishing your blog post email all the people that you have mentioned in your blog as sometimes they share your article on their social profiles and you may generate a good amount of quality traffic.

16. Submit your blog post to popular bookmarking sites

After publishing your blog post another step is to post your blog post on some of the popular bookmarking sites.




17. Submit your blog post to niche bookmarking sites

Another popular way is to share your blog post to niche bookmarking sites. Some of the popular websites are as follow:

Growth hackers


Hacker News


18. Promote blog posts over time

Whenever we post our blog post on social media platforms it gets disappears after some minutes (such as on Twitter and Facebook). So you have to promote your blog post over time as we don't know when our posts get viral. 

19. Respond to blog comments and questions

Respond to almost every blog comment and question on a regular basis as it increases engagement with the customers and builds trust with customers.

20. Understand your audience

You should know who your audience is, and share the posts related to what they want. You don't have to post everything to your blog as it may distract your customers from your blog. Share your posts in that community only that you are working on or writing the blog posts on.

21. Write for yourself first

When you are starting off your blogging start writing that you want to write about only after that start writing for topics that people want you to write about and what others are searching for or have queries about.

22. Build your email list

Building an email list is one of the best strategies you can use in your blogging business. You can build up the list by simply providing a beginner guide e-book to your users in exchange for their email addresses.

23. Love your existing readers

Monitor social media feedback as most of the customers are on social media and share the problems that they are facing with the product and service and want the reply within the minutes. 

Hold the events in the company as this will engage more and more audience and people love to attend the events.

Have the office or work tour as your existing customers love to see your work environment.

24. Focus on building an amazing call-to-action

After your all type of work has been completed, keep a clear call to action on your page. The words should be simple learn some psychological words that attract the click on the button. remember not to put so many buttons on your web page that customers get confused.

25. Give stuff away

Giving up the stuff away is one of the best ways to keep your audience engaged with your content. Holding up a contest and giving away the freebies is the best way.

26. Give away your knowledge

Don't feel like if you are providing your knowledge on the internet that you are going to make nothing, the more you serve the more you get. It also builds up trust with the audience.

27. Be true to your voice

Be true to your voice the words that you say or write should be 100% correct try not to fake it. If you are using any time statistics make sure you have some type of proof that proves it. 

28. Give it time – This is why

Blogging takes time this is why many beginners leave blogging when they are not getting results fast. Give it the time it will give you the results for sure.

29. Give your email list priority

If you are selling anything or going to launch something give the priority to your email subscribers as they will feel it premium and more people would like to join your list. This is a very cool technique to build an email list.

30. Write catchy headlines

Have ever seen the headlines on the internet or on the newspaper that attracts you in just a second. Just like them you have to make catchy headlines but that doesn't mean your content is not good, your content should be the best. Don't spam otherwise you may lose your audience.

31. Be Yourself

Don't try to fake out by yourself you don't have to copy anyone, It applies in blogging you don't have to copy others' content you can take the idea from others but write your original content. 

32. Keep it short

Now in this point, you might be confused that in the 7th point it was said that minimum words should be 1500 words. Your post or article should have more than 1500 words write them in points and keep the points short.

33. Make it worth referencing

Make your content so well that it is worth referencing, whenever somebody reads your content he should feel like sharing it. 

Have you ever seen a post or read a post that you feel that should be shared with other people as well? Tell in the comments below. 

34. Don’t give up on blogging!

Most of the beginners leave blogging as they are not getting views on their blog. You don't have to give up on blogging make a proper plan, have smart goals learn side by side start ranking your blogs. It takes time if you are giving your best you are going to make a successful part-time or full-time business.