What is Off-page SEO

Off-Page is a way of technique that is done outside the boundaries of the website to rank the page in optimization. In this technique, the publisher has no control over his website ranking. 

Techniques of Off-Page SEO

There are 10 techniques of off-page SEO and these are as follows:
3.Guest Authors
4.Social Networking 
5.Brand Mentions
6.Use Google My Business 
7.Social Bookmarking
8.Influencer Outreach
10.Question and Answers


In Off-page SEO commenting doesn't mean putting your links on others blog, yes it was a good way for getting backlinks this strategy worked until this technique was abused and criticized by the other bloggers after that google has decided that irrelevant commenting is useless thing and this may affect your website if you drop your site link in others blog post. 

But if you do a right commenting on other's blogs in the right way or in front of the right audience this will help you in building a deep bond between the blog owner and the other commenters. 


Taking part in forums is one of the best ways for doing SEO because google love forum discussion and helps in ranking your site and when a user solves others problem, creating threads this will create a good connection so it's a good idea to connect with the forum discussions according to the niche of your product. 
Make sure that you have completed your profile and also along with the anchor you have created a signature so that whenever you comment, the signature automatically displays with your anchor. 

Guest Authors 

There are a number of blogs that open for guest posts from different authors. Always try to write an amazing piece of research and try to connect with the content for guest posts. Always focus on the quality of links to connect with authors. And also don't post multiple things on guest sites. 

Social Networking 

In the 21st century, people spend more time on social media than any other thing so it's a good way of promoting sites and getting traffic from social media. 

When any content is clicked from different IP's it appears as more authorized by sending signals to Google that there are multiple users who are trying to access the website but for that user must know about Social media strategies. 

Brand Mentions

Social Mentions play a vital role in promoting a website organically when people are talking about you. It helps in increasing the engagement with the audience and also helps in providing work to give a valuable answer whenever it's possible to build up trust and authority. 

Use Google My Business

Google My Business is another way of promoting products from google for free. This is the best way to optimize products locally for a perfect SEO ranking. There are a number of ways in google my business where website owners can promote and get a large number of social traffic and product awareness. 

Tips that everyone must follow while using Google My Business:-
  • Create a relevant description in near about 250 words
  • Make sure that your basic information is provided in the first paragraph including your city name. 
  • Make daily updates in your blog, gallery, and also in offers. 
  • Keep a spy on the comment section, check out reviews, and reply to each comment in an instant way. 
  • Always upload a proper and real image in a proper category related to your niche. 

Social Bookmarking

When you bookmark your blog post in a popular Bookmarking website then there is a high chance of getting a bulk of traffic on your website so it can be taken as an important technique of off-page SEO. 

Influence Outreach 

It's a good thing to take the help of a big creator available in your niche in promoting your product that we call influence marketing. When they promote your product in their circle it helps in creating traffic because people love what their favorite person loves. 


It is better to have a newsletter in your blog or we can say having an RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed subscription box. It helps to make content available in XML formats. By using RSS box users not only enrich the contact and their subscribers but also it helps in having an intrigued recipient to whom the user can send new offer updates, any update in the site without any consent worries. It will reduce the chances of going to a spam site. 

Question and Answers 

When users answer questions on sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers, Stack Overflow, etc. It will help the user in two ways - firstly, it will help him to gain more knowledge about the content, and secondly when the user answer question he can gain traffic on his site when he drops his backlink in such a way so that it can not be taken as spam and help to create a relationship between the user and the person who has asked the question.