Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design

Marketing Graphic design or advertising design is a visually appealing way of communicating and promoting the products and services in the market. All the material is required to create a visual identity of the company. 

Marketing and Advertising Graphic Designing

Marketing is required by the company to create an interest of a targeting audience whereas design is to create an atmosphere of communication. But still, in some companies graphic designing and marketing are disconnected topics. 

Before the beginning of a strategy, you just need to understand the basics of brand guidelines.

These will represent the baseline of every material of marketing that is designed by the designing team. Without a guideline, your company will face many difficulties while communicating consistently.

At the same period, great design marketing is more than a brand's logo, page layout, fonts, and images that are used.

It is a way of connecting your brand with the consumer and it also acts as a trust builder. Design is the first image of your brand. It decides the look of your brand, so it is not only about selecting cool and stunning images.

Similarly, It happens with the designs if a designer is creating creative ads but those ads can't convert the audience then it is useless.

Advantages of Marketing Graphic Design 

1. Increases conversions 

Beautiful and creative marketing designs can create an atmosphere of motivation in the minds of an audience to take positive action towards the product.

2. Build Trust

Great designs also help in reducing anxiety which mostly happens in the user's mind while ordering something or by taking the service from your company. It helps them to trust your company.

3. Provides an Incentive

To motivate consumers to buy your service or products, it helps if they showcase them in context. Your audience always wants to know how your brand is going to help them if they face any issues or how your company can make them a happy customer. 

Suggestion for a marketing designing

    1.Clean and Clear 

If your company is new in the market then you must create a beautiful clean design in which there will be not much text nor graphic if any of the following is more in the banner then it will be known as a confusing banner and the audience will feel difficulties to understand the motive behind the advertising. 

    2.Take benefit of Contrast

Contrast has the power of making your designs stand out from the competition to communicate online. 

To create a perfect contrast design you can use color, size, alignment, proximity, repetition, texture, and whitespace.

The right use of all such elements can make your design much more appealing to the audience.

While designing contrast keep some tips in mind:

  • If you want to emphasize your message then give more value to the message than the other elements so that viewers get attracted towards the message.

  • Use the color which matches the emotion that you want to transmit to the audience.

  • Make sure that you use an alignment in a design because it can help to dictate the value of an element.

  • Repetition can help you to create an identity for certain parts of your banner.

  • Make use of proximity when you find that something is common in elements.

  • Use whitespace for overwhelming the audience with the bulk of information.

The audience mostly reacts to those ads in which they can see dirt in the background because they found it familiar with the smell and feel of it.

3. Limit the number of fonts

Don't use more than 3 fonts in one design, using fewer fonts helps the viewer to understand what is written on the design. Using more fonts can make it look weird

4. Play with Font size 

If you are using a single font also you can make it attractive by changing the font size. When you want to attract viewers attention there you can increase font size in short according to the message importance you can change the font size.

5. Adhere to brand guideline

A perfect brand rises in marketing when they follow the brand guidelines. This means that you can make sure that your brand has followed guidelines including logo, color pallets, typography, and other brand elements. 

6. Psychology Colors

Psychology of color is a combination of both art and science. That's why you should know or have an assumption that what response you are going to get from the audience on which color.

7. Plan Campaign around Holidays

It is a great idea to search for major holidays in the calendar and minor holidays which take place in the locality. When you identify holidays that work for your target, it's time to create themes related to those holidays and promote the brand. Identifying holidays play a vital role in marketing.

8. Play with Lines

Lines as simple as they appear are versatile; they can belong, curved, straight, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, dashed, thick, or thin. 

Organize the information by grouping elements.
  • Use different lines for different textures to make it attractive.
  • Whenever there is an important message use separate lines.
  • Create the movement illusion by using curved lines
  • By varying the dimension of lines, make a statement.