Is Blogging dead in 2021? 

NO! Blogging is still not dead and won't be till next decade. Many internet users think with the rise of video content platforms like YouTube,  it might seem that blogging isn't worth any more but that's not true, Blogging is still very popular and popular. If you are starting the blog this year you can go ahead and start it, don't give up. With the hard work and using proper strategies, you can easily earn money with blogging.

We have some stats to share with you that strongly prove that blogging is not dead. 

Stats: You need to know about Blogging

👉 77% of users on the internet prefer to read blog posts.

👉 US internet users spend 3 times more time on blogs than they do on emails

👉 Blog posts come under the category which is most shared.

👉 For accurate online information, blogs have been rated as the 5th most trusted source.

👉 60% of people purchase a product after reading a blog post about it.

👉 Businesses that prefer blogging experience 126% higher lead growth than non-blogging businesses.

There is a huge volume of people reading the blog posts. Even the google search is increasing by 10% every year.

Blogging in 2021 is all about storytelling 

Blogging is as relevant as it was in past few years but it has been shifting more from pure blogging to content marketing. Now readers have become more aware of the privacy policy and the data that has been sharing on the internet.

Connecting your current business to your blog is the best way to increase sales or the growth of the business.

Blogging has not just left about sharing knowledge but it is more about storytelling. As customers don't buy the product they buy the emotions or benefits that they are getting.

Driving Traffic to your blog

Some people think that blogging is dead as they are not driving traffic on their blog posts. If there are no people on their blog posts they simply start thinking that bogging is dead. 

You can drive traffic to your blog in different ways that are:

3. Sharing your posts on different Social Media platforms (Fb, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
4. Guest Blogging

Different types to monetize your blog

Here are some effective blog monetization ways:

1. Affiliate Marketing - In affiliate marketing, we promote other people's products and services and make a commission every time we make a sale.

2. Advertise On your Blogs (Google AdSense, Promotional content, Other types of ads)

3. Sell Digital Products Online - Selling your digital products online, digital products can be eBooks, themes, digital art, etc.

4. Turning a blog website into a membership website


At last, we can conclude that blogging is still alive and thriving and you can earn money online through blogging in different ways. You can be successful in blogging only if you put your full efforts into your work.

If you are ready to start a blog start here.

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