How to start a blog and make money in 2021? 

You might have searched several times on the internet that how to earn money online and on every post you might have seen by starting your blog and even you have tried or made your blog and got nothing, putting your 100% effort in it for several months and still getting nothing. You don't have to worry about it happens to everybody. Most of the time it happens as we don't know how to start a blog step by step and growing it consistently. In this blog, we will learn how to start a blog and make money step by step. So, the first step to start a blog is :

1. Selecting Niche 

The most common mistake that we all make while starting a blog is we start writing about everything whatever we get, We think that people will read what we will post but it is not like that we have to write in a specific niche. Let's understand it with an example, We all have heard about Dominos, right. Whenever we hear Dominos our mind goes to pizzas now think that they start selling mobile phones will you go and buy. It is like that only, in the case of blogging.
     If you are starting a blog on technology then only write about technology and gadgets don't mix it up with fashion or some other niche. Focus on one niche. Now at this point in time micro-niche websites are getting much popular. As the competition is getting harder, you can start with micro-niches which would be easy to rank, for example writing on a specific topic like Apple iPhone, which comes in gadgets> mobiles>Iphone, that is a micro-niche. All the blogs related to that.

2. Domain Name 

The domain is the name of your website, by searching the domain name people can visit your website. While choosing a domain name for your website you should choose it very carefully. You must research what people are searching for so that you can rank your website easily.
Example:, where Instagram is the name of the website and (.com), is the extension.

3. Website Builder

A website builder is a place where you build your website. Now many of us think that building a website requires coding knowledge but it's not true with the passage of time website builders made it easy for consumers to build a website with a drag and drop system you can customize your website according to your need. Where some of these website builders provide a complete package of a domain name, website hosting,, and even other services altogether so that you don't have to go around and look at what you will be needing next. WordPress is a well-known website builder. Most beginners start with blogger which much more easy and simple but you have less customization. Once you have enough knowledge you can easily shift your blog to other website builders.

4. Theme of your Blog

The theme of your blog should be clean & beautiful. The theme of your website should be mobile-friendly as 60-70% of users are using the internet on their mobile phones, somethings look really great on your desktop but they are worst on tablet or mobile if your website is not responsive. Always use easy-to-read fonts (for example Sans-serif).

5. Content

Once your blog is set up, the next step is writing the content. You may have listened to it several times that content is the king, if your content is not good nobody will come to you. You have to write the content that people are really searching for. 20% of the content should be about your interest and hobbies and hobbies, and 80% should be the content people are searching for. You can get ideas from google keyword research, Pinterest, Quora, etc. That will give you endless topics to write for.

6. Traffic Driving

Once your content is ready now next step is to get traffic to your content, you can drive traffic to your website through social media. The most common mistake people make while driving traffic to their website is they try to be on every website which is not a good step at all, you don't have to be everywhere 2-3 platforms of social media are more than enough. The most common mediums are Fb, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Quora.

7. Building an email list

So till now, you have set up your blog start driving first readers to your blog, and now it's the time to convert these readers into fans. Now the number thing why we collect emails is that no one is going to buy something from you while blogging you have to build up trust with the customers, and it is through emails. The email list is the most valuable asset as a blogger, it is found that most of the conversions are through the email lists.

8. Different ways to make money

Now after all these steps it comes to make money, there are different ways to make money:
  • Ads - It can be display ads or it can be a sponsored post on your blog or website. (eg: Google Adsense)
  • Affiliate marketing - In this type, you promote other people's products and get a commission every time a sale is made through your affiliate link. (Amazon affiliate is the best for beginners) 
  • Sell your own digital products (For eg: Ebook)
  • Physical products - For example, you have your woodworking business and want to sell it online, you can do it through your blogs.
  • Services - You can even sell your services by showcasing your skills on your blog or website.

9. Start with Ads and Sponsored ads

The best step to start earning for beginners is through ads you have to write some valuable articles or blogs (30-50) on your website for taking the AdSense approval and once you get the approval you will start earning money. The second type is sponsored ads you can get a chance for this if you have a decent amount of visitors to your website, then you can find some sites online where you can article for other company and post it on your blog and make the money.

10. Progress and master Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate, you can make tons of money, it can only happen if you master this you can start with the amazon affiliate program make a progress, and then move on to some big affiliate programs. Amazon affiliate is easy but the commission rate is low but it is great for beginners to start with once you get enough knowledge you can move on to other platforms such as ClickBank, Digi store, click funnels, etc. Where commission is 50%-90%.

11. Create your own Digital & Physical Products

Another way to increase your income is by creating your own digital or physical products. 
Digital products - It can be selling a tutorial ebook or something like digital art.
Physical Products - Let's understand this with an example like you have the skills of producing handicrafts. You can showcase your products online and sell them with a good amount of profit.

12. Scale & Optimize

Once the money starts rolling in, and you start making more it's the right time to scale you can do it by employing some people under you so that they can work for you or by using some paid tools so your work becomes easier and you can produce more results.

I hope this article would have helped you, share your valuable comments below.