What is graphic design?

Graphic Designing is a visual way used by professionals to convert their message to the viewer through the text, Shape, Art, and Design.
Graphic Design consists of two words Graphic and Design. The graphic is an image or visual representation of an object, Whereas Designing means taking products from usable to delightful or more than that, and when we combine both words Graphic and Design from there meaning we can conclude that graphic designing is a way to create a visual in such a delightful manner so that the value of product increase from usable to a delightful manner.
If we start the course of Graphic designing then we are going to study the Elements of Graphic design, Key Principles of Graphic design, and many more about the tools and tutorials.

1. Line
2. Shape
4. Texture
5. Space
6. Size
7. Typography

Where you are going to start a graphic designer carrier or going to hire a graphic designer for your business firstly you have to understand the 8 types of graphic designing, which will help you to get the right skill graphic designing job for your business. 

1. Visual Identity Graphic design 
2. Marketing and Advertising Graphic design 
3. User Interface Graphic design 
4. Publication Graphic design 
5. Packaging Graphic design 
6. Motion Graphic design 
7. Environmental Graphic design 
8. Art and Illustration for Graphic design 

Now let's move on to the next step of Graphic design so now we come to the principles of Graphic design, So the principles of graphic design suggest the designer how to arrange the components of Graphic design to ensure the elements of the overall design are connected to each other. So the principles of Graphic designing includes:
1. Balance
2. Alignment 
3. Proximity
4. Repetition
5. Contrast
6. Color & Space
7. Hierarchy

Some of the readers are thinking that we came to know that what graphic designing is and also know the elements and other principles of Graphic design but how to do graphic designing? What kind of Software can we use to do Graphic designing so here we started Tools used in Graphic designing are as follows:-

1. Hardware
  • Pen and Paper
  • Computer
  • Stylus and Graphic Tablet
  • Smartphone 
  • Camera
  • Color Space Reference
  • Monitor Calibrator
  • Storage
2. Software
  • Graphic Design Applications
  • Online Graphic Design Services
  • Graphic Repositories
  • Cloud Storage
  • Portfolio 
  • Training 
  • Resource Sites
  • Your Own Workspace/Creative Nook

Now you know what to do in graphic designing and know what we call a person who does graphic designing of course a professional or an amateur but what we call them in a single word. If we have to give one word to both? A Graphic designer, but a question arises how to define a Graphic designer? 
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