In the last blog, we have discussed what is graphic design? And see the types, elements, principles, tools, and scope of graphic designing like that, today we are going to study in brief the 8 types of graphic designing:-

1. Visual Identity Graphic design

Visual Identity graphic design or branding design is not just a log, is not just a promise, branding is not just a combination of colors and fonts. Branding is a result, it is the gut feeling about a promise, service, or company that ends up in their head and in their heart. A wise man Martine Humayur the brand identity of such huge brands like Apple, Google, Hp in their initial stages says that "Brand is like a business reputation your brand isn't what we say it is it's what they say it is". Now we know what is visual identity now let's see what is the purpose of graphic designing? Purpose of Visual Identity graphic designing We cannot understand the good branding of the company until there is a strong visual identity of that company. This is the thing that made it different from other competitors in the industry and make it more attractive to the audience. It also helps the audience to recognize the purpose of your company, it also helps in expressing the unique features of your company.

This can include the internal audience co-workers of your company. They can also have a strong association with the company. 

2. Marketing and Advertising Graphic design 

Advertising design is the creation or organization of visual artwork used in the advertisement of products and services. The designer who designed the advertising design, not only knows what is designing but also knows how to do marketing of a product and how to attract targeting audiences to buy products through visual communications.

Qualification to be an advertising designer

A graphic designer who works in the advertising industry must have 4 years of degree. Creative jobs in advertising are very competitive. While schooling some graphic designers use to do internships at an ad agency and then start as a beginner after completing graduation. 

They also work with the copywriters who write words used in advertisements to create complete pieces. 

3. User Interface Graphic design 

UI stands for User Interface, so the question is what is User interface graphic design? In simple words, we can say that the User interface is the interaction between the user and the product to perform any task. It is not about the design, how attractive it is made, it is all about it having to be made easy to understand for the user while doing the task.

Now let's see what are the main points to keep in mind while creating a UI Design:

i) Know your audience - Before creating a UI design designer must know for whom he is creating a design are they kids or women or some professional people. 

ii) Clear Message - The message must be clear which button is made for which purpose so that the user easily understands the use of the buttons. A straight and clear message must be there there will be no confusion in the user's mind. 

iii) Set Hierarchy  - The purpose of the hierarchy must be visible and clear for the user to understand that what is the main purpose to create the design. Go to action button must be clear. 

iv) Follow Concision - Concision means that how many things we are showing from a website to a page or an application or a product must be simple for the user to understand which button helps him to go on which page. 

v) Familiarity - In UI designing familiarity means the design is familiar with the daily used products tabs must be clear for the user when he needs to connect it with daily life easily understand that this button will take him to this page. 

vi) Easy To Access - It must be clear and simple for the user to understand what he is going to do and what is going to be the conclusion after doing that task. 

vii) Confirmation - In UI when a user has done some task there must be a popup notification notifying the user that his task is successfully done. 

viii) Follow Standards - The common standards which were used by the other apps which we use daily must be the same. It will help users to access your app easily. 

ix) Easy To Learn Interface - Interface design must be the same as used by the other apps. It will make users access the user to use your app. 

x) Simple Design - Design must be as simple as possible so that users don't suffer any kind of difficulty using the app or website. 

4. Publication Graphic design 

Publication design is the practice of layout and graphic designs for printing purposes. Publication designs need to study the types of publication like for what purpose design has to be made for? Is it for newspapers, comics, journals, magazines, books, or for any other publication purposes? 

5. Packaging Graphic design 

As you have got an idea from the word package that it has to be made for pack something but what we are wrapping? These are products are made in factories and had to be sold in the market. Packaging Graphic design includes fonts, color, and graphics. Used to wrap a bottle, a box, or a Can, or any kind of container. It is a practical tool. 

6. Motion Graphic design 

Motion graphic design is also known as monographs are pieces of animation or digital clips to which are combined with audio to create an illusion of motion or rotation for use in Multimedia projects. The most important tool which was used by monograph designers is the Particle system this type of animation is commonly referred to as a Procedural system. Particles are commonly made in 2-D or 3-D space which can be represented by a wide variety of animation and graphics. 

Types of Motion Graphic design 

i) Emotive Videos

ii) Explainer Videos

iii) Promotional Videos 

iv) UI Animations Videos

v) Product Marketing 

7. Environmental Graphic design 

Environmental design is the process of including surrounding environmental guidelines when devising plans, policies,  programs, buildings, or products. These fields may include architecture, geography, urban planning, landscape, and interior designs. 

8. Art and Illustration for Graphic design 

Art and Illustration are the two different concepts of graphic designing in which Art in graphic designing means that how a character, environment, or prop looks.

Whereas Illustration is a mix-up of characters, environment, props in one image in such a way that tells a story.