How to become a powerful leader?

8 Rituals of Visionary Leadership wisdom

These 8 rituals of visionary leadership wisdom are been taken from the book Leadership Wisdom written by Robin Sharma. If you want to check out this book you can buy it from the link given below:

So Let's start up with our first ritual of Visionary Leadership wisdom: 

1. Ritual of compelling future focus

Ritual of compelling future focus - In this book, the author says that the ultimate goal of a visionary leader is to dignify and honor the lives of those people whom he leads by showing them their highest potential what they can do by their work.
The purpose for doing something is the most powerful motivation for any work. We all should ask the reason behind doing the work and when we get an answer we work with our full enthusiasm. The vision and mission of every company should be written in such a way that its purpose can be defined easily.

2. Ritual of human relations

Ritual of human relations - The author says that visionary leader always focuses on building long term assets such as strong relationships. A strong system can help you to achieve maximum profits. Giving the most valuable time to your employees can help them to develop with their full potential. A visionary leader must listen to the spoken and unspoken words of their employees and remember them if you do so your employees will trust you and if there is no trust the relationship won't last long nor they will give you good results. 

The author gives some simple rules to discipline oneself for building up a true relationship:

  • Promises Keeping - Every promise you break, breaks up your character.
  • Listening Aggressive - By listening aggressively leader wins the heart of his people which makes them an excellent communicator. A visionary leader shows empathy towards his people, identify and invest in them.
  • Consistently Compassionate - A visionary leader shows kindness and sincere concern for their people. The leader should value and cherish their people.
  • Truth Telling - Good Leaders are honest and open always which is the most important factor in building up the relationship. Open discussions avoid issues.

3. Ritual of team unity

Ritual of team unity - Great leaders are great teachers and coaches. A good leader encourages his people to take action and face challenges. They are obsessed with growth and improvement. A good leader encourages and supports his people. A leader must understand that all the employees want to give their best but because of lack of appreciation, they produce negative results. Find the good performer and appreciate him/her in front of other employees so that others can also perform well by giving their best so that they can also get rewarded.

The leader may get into arguments with his employees at that point in time leader must show the position very respectfully to his employees and should never have grudge his mind. A leader can achieve team unity by simply listening to his employees. A leader must build trust within employees by providing opportunities.

4. Ritual of adaptability and change management

Ritual of adaptability and change management - For every business change is the most dominant factor in the business world. Every visionary leader struggles with the change. We have to change according to the change which means who changes with the change, wins the game. Nobody should run from the change, the leader should show the positive sides of the change and what opportunities they will get with the change. If you want to change the results you have to change the things that you are doing. The author says that we should be like water always flowing, mingle with each other and adapt to whatever comes in. When you accept the change you recover from anxiety and fear. Our brain is so much programmed that it resists change and we come back from where we have started but we can reset our mind. a visionary leader should not get scared from any change and should tell himself and his employees that why this change is necessary. A visionary leader should nurture his and his employee's minds with great thoughts and should show the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed.

5. Ritual of personal effectiveness

Ritual of personal effectiveness - In this ritual, the author tells about the new philosophy of time leadership of time management. If you don't lead your time then it will lead you. A leader should focus on what is necessary and should neglect what is not important.

The time model for visionary leadership. This model is all about a weekly timetable a leader must make and follow. Every Sunday leaders must plan their next week's plan. Revisit your future vision. Break your goals into small goals or milestones and prioritize your milestones and keep tracking your milestones.

6. Ritual of self-discipline

Ritual of self-disciplineIn this ritual author tells that for helping others we should help ourselves first to grow our company. It starts within you. The author gives us few models of visionary leader:

  • The discipline of personal renewal - Leader impacts on others with positivity so he must work on self-growth.
  • The discipline of abundant knowledge - The leader must develop the habit of reading and constantly updating himself with knowledge and wisdom. He must be aware of his strengths and weaknesses. 
  • The discipline of physicality - The leader must always take care of his health, do some exercises and say no to illness.
  • The discipline of self-awakening - The leader must work as this would be his last day and he should work to his full potential. 
After this author tells about the three pillars of Leadership:
  1. Self Discovery - Understand yourself first
  2. Self-acceptance - Be 100% honest with yourself accepting it without criticism
  3. Self Management - Hold yourself more accountable

7. Ritual of creativity and innovation

Ritual of creativity and innovation - In this ritual author talks about creativity. All of us are creative. Leaders are creating new ideas and that new idea converts into innovations or changes the scenario of the world. 

In this ritual author shares some of the tips for becoming creative and innovative:

  1. Help your team with their thinking
  2. Be creative every day
  3. Inspire employees to act in the same way 

8. Ritual of contribution and significance

Ritual of contribution and significance - In this ritual author tells us that a leader has a role to play in the larger scheme of life. The biggest gift you give is the gift of what you leave behind. A leader must take such actions that focus on a better future. A leader must produce more leaders by encouraging and inspiring them to take action.

Leaders move forward and take massive actions.

Comment below which ritual you liked the most and share the ideas on what you want in the upcoming blogs. Thank you.